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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Twin beds

Hello everyone.  I've been eyeing photos of beds lately, mainly because I'm helping a friend with a bedroom re-do. I keep coming across the most amazing twin beds and even though said friend is looking for a queen headboard my eye keeps going back to the twin...(don't worry my friend, I will find you that perfect queen). But, if any of you have a small guest room, instead of using a sofa bed or a full size bed why not try a twin with a trundle underneath (that's what I did in my guest room / office.) It'll look fabulous and space saving at the same time.  I figured that in order to get this obsession off my chest I would post these beauties. (See? This is why having a blog is so therapeutic for me) Most of these twin beds come in queen size but don't they look so much more adorable smaller?! Like a cute little puppy...(wait, did I just compare the twin bed to a puppy??) Well, then here goes..."who's a pretty twin bed?!! Stay! Ohh, good girl!!" OK, now it's just getting silly.  Just look below for a treat. (sorry, couldn't help myself, that one was too easy.)

Beds as numbered above left to right:
1. (Rowan)
2. (Plantation)
3. (Irvington Nikel by Martha Stewart furniture)
4. (Nouvelle Sleigh)
5. (American Home Panel)
6. (French Country Headboard)
7. (South Hampton Headboard)
8. (Madison Crown Top Headboard)
9. (Antalya)
10. (Kandler Headboard by, Susan Kasler)
11. (Aveline)
(Prices range from $170 to $5,000)

Photos: House Beautiful, Elle Decor, H&G 


The Buzz said...

Given that I am a twin, I have an affinity for twin beds... and for therapeutic blog posts!

Stylelinx said...

Welcome to my therapy lounge!

poval clark said...

Twin over twin bunk bed means that the lower bunk is a double bed while the bed is on top of a double size. It's perfect for kids who are different ages. One year of 16 and 6 correspond to this very comfortably.

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