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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Aged to perfection

How great is a patina?! When things are beautifully worn, that's a thrill for me. Not worn-out, but worn where you can see it has lived an interesting life and tell amazing stories while showing off its slight imperfections. Once, a friend of mine gave me a small box from Africa and it had a slight imperfection. She gave it to me anyway knowing that I'd like it and of course she was right. Somehow it just made the dang thing a little more interesting. For me, it made it unique and brought it to life. Here are some photos that are aged to perfection.   Enjoy.

Now, I'm not about to compare my favorite actors to a patina'd water can...I'm  saying that these women are so beautiful, and that they are aged to perfection. 

Photo credits: Teresa Huse, House Beautiful,, Charles P. Rogers, Fantasy Beach Cottage Couture, Bonnie Jackson, People Magazine, Us Weekly Magazine, Matthew Jacks for Country Living Magazine.

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The Buzz Blog said...

I never thought of the scuff marks made by small shoes on my coffee table as patina - but now that you've enlightened me, they don't bug me so much!

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