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Thursday, June 23, 2011


I was passing by the store Olde Good Things here in the city and if you're familiar with that store you know that you can't just pass by. OK, well I can't. It practically dares you to go inside with its 'come hither' window display. And I do. I go in. Every time. Can't help it. And it's where I saw the amazing blue seltzer bottles and the old ruby red bottles pictured below. I didn't buy any (I'm trying to be good) but it wasn't easy....just look at the purdy colors! It was my inspiration for this glassware post. That and all these other insanely stunning pieces of glass. Mason jars, demijohns, wine jugs... they're not fine crystal but they're certainly pretty-purdy fine.

From: Olde Good Things
From: Olde Good Things

Photo credits: Dreamy Whites, Houzz, Me, Martha Stewart, 100Layer Cake, Blount Architects.

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