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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The unexpected!

Hello my friends. Don't you appreciate when you see something so amazing, so unexpected? It's different from being surprised--I hate surprises, I really do. No surprise birthday parties for me and don't surprise me with a visit (I have to clean up my dishes and brush my hair after all!). I'm talking about enjoying the unexpected. Going to see a play or movie or band that you didn't expect to like and you end up loving it. Or trying a new dish that never thought you would enjoy eating.  And of course, seeing something in design that makes you so unexpectedly happy.  How about these sheets of music pinned up? Newspaper articles for wallpaper? A chalkboard wall with a bed drawn on? All your favorite photos mixed together? Pieces of fabric samples? Framed art on the ceiling? Baskets? I could go on and on. And I do, with photos. Look below...

Credits: Poppy talk, Wall decor, Jeffrey Delvy Design

1 comment:

The Buzz Blog said...

We visited a client last week and the cupola in her office was mirror - so cool and unexpected - just like your images!

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