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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kip's Bay Decorator Show house

Ahh, Kip's Bay Designer Show house! If you weren't able to attend this annual NY event that ended May 26th, then this is for you. Kip's Bay, the benefit for Kip's Bay boy's and girl's club is held every year for the past 39 years and it helps over 12,000 kids in NYC with a variety of programs. For those of you new to this event, it's considered the most high profile renovation project in America. Over twenty top decorators and designers famously re-do a 10,000 square foot mansion on the upper east side (this year it was located at 163 E. 63rd street) and incredibly transform their given space, including an outdoor space.  Styles range from traditional to modern, minimalist to sumptuous.  And Moi wasn't exactly camera ready (battery crashed) but luckily got my hands on some photos just for you. You can read more about it here. Enjoy!
Barbara Ostrom Associates
Amanda Nisbet Design
Matthew Patrick Smyth, Inc

Celerie Kemble Interiors featuring Diane James Home flowers 
Rauber + Rauber Interiors; Wayne Nathan Studio

Bathroom by Jamie Herzlinger

The black-lighted laundry room by Stephen Fanuka
Urban Patio includes a hint of humor with the sheep sculpture from
Gunn Landscape Architecture, PLLC in collaboration with Robert Stilin.

A turntable built into the coffee table. Brad Ford ID
Hanging art or photos on a mirrored wall. Cayley Barrett.
Cayley Barrett ID
Richard Mishaan Design, LLC

Photos:,, Marilyn Minter, The NY Times, Lonny Magazine, me

Designers and decorators that worked the show house:
Bilotta Kitchens of New York
Cayley Barrett Associates
Stephen Fanuka
Brad Ford ID
Aurelien Gallet
Greener by Design
Gunn Landscapes
Harry Heissmann
Jamie Herzlinger
Celerie Kemble, Kemble Interiors
Monica Rich Kosann Photography
Jeff Lincoln
Mary McDonald
Ronaldo Maia
Richard Mishaan Design
Wayne Nathan Studio
Amanda Nisbet Design
Barbara Ostrom Associates
Campion Platt
Rauber & Rauber Interiors
Matthew Patrick Smyth
Robert Stilin
TK Theaters/Audio Command


The Buzz Blog said...

You finally made it - now when do we do AMQ at the Met? Did you see our flowers in Celerie's room?

Stylelinx said...

Yes! Your beautiful flowers!! I didn't have my camera at that point!

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