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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Accessorizing with suitcases and trunks...

I fell hard for a Louis Vuitton trunk once, did you know that? It was out of my price  range...way out, like $15,000 out. Even if it was in my price range I don't think I could bring myself to buy it since I'm really not into displaying logos, but I will admit I was pretty smitten with this one. Then I realized how sweet any well worn or painted trunk would look displayed in a room...and the obsession was on. Check out these beautiful photos and scroll to see my trunks and suitcases displayed throughout my home.  They sure did come in handy when we moved into an apartment. The one over my armoire serves as a file for anything I don't need to have handy. The one I use as my living room coffee table holds extra blankets, the tiny trunk on a stand holds my old plays, the small decoupage trunk holds seasonal throws, and the suitcase above my secretary holds some of my photos! Do you use trunks for storage, beauty or both? And do-tell what's in 'em!

My decoupage trunk as a side table.
My small trunk on stand end table.
My woven coffee table trunk.

 My Ralph Lauren woven suitcase.

Credits: Via Popthatculture and Hello friend, Architectural digest, Sylvia Martin Photography, Velvet Palette, Maggie Lynn, Tonic Home, Bannanneliese,  Decorology blog, Pinterest, Neo Vintage, Me.

2 comments: said...

Pier 1 has a summer trunk sale! Love it!

Stylelinx said...

ooh! Good to know Kim! Thanks!

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