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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My project: Striped Area Rugs!

Yep, I finally decided to get rid of the sisal in my living room, which wasn't easy because I love sisal....but mine was way past its expiration date.  With a crazy strong desire to change things up (similar to my 'gotta-have' cupcake cravings) I began searching for a striped cotton rug. I couldn't decide on whether I should go bold with navy/cream or go subtle with a cream/taupe stripe.  Then I found Dash and Albert's rugs and just had to go bold...the price was so good I figured if I got bored of it (um...not likely)then I could put another rug on top of this one...  With my hunger now sufficiently quenched, I'm really loving the new look. What do you think?  I'm glad I went with the 9 x 12, there's still plenty of wood floor surrounding it and the 8 x 10 would've looked too puny. And I simplified the pillows, taking away all of the patterned ones (they conflicted with the stripes.) FYI, that's my dog, sitting on the you might already know, she's kind of obsessed about getting in all of my room photos. Here are more photos of beautiful rooms with classic striped rugs. Wow, I can't get enough of stripes, especially in the summer...

If you saw the movie As good as it gets, then you can't forget the amazing house in the Hamptons! And the rugs!! Omg--the striped rugs!
 Classic. Here's Jack Nicholson in a scene from the film.

         Credit: Lonny Magazine, Richard Dubnowski AIA, Something's gotta give (film), Dash and Albert, Me.

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