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Friday, July 15, 2011

Savage Beauty...

Dress: Sarabande, spring/summer 2007.  Nude silk embroidered with fresh flowers and silk flowers.

I finally made it to the Metropolitan Museum's Alexander McQueen exhibit yesterday. The curator's combination of light, music and video made it absolutely breathtaking. No cameras allowed--but I had to find some way to give you a peek at the I bought these postcards of my favorite McQueen dresses. (You didn't think I would forget about you, now did you?) Click here for more...
Dress: Widows of Culloden. Autumn/winter 2006-7.  Cream silk and lace with resin antlers.
The most amazing moment for me was watching the 3D hologram of Kate Moss twirling in slow motion, in a similar flowing dress, with the most beautiful violin playing. I was transfixed.  Watch it here.
Dress: Number 13. Spring/summer 1999.  White cotton spray painted black and yellow with underskirt of white silk.
This dress had a monitor next to it.  The video playing showed a model standing on a spinning platform. She was in the center of the runway, in front of an audience. Then, several robot spray paint machines appeared. They aimed and fired at the white cotton dress as she twirled! It was intense, not to mention--just plain cool.  This dress is the result.

Have a fun Friday and a fabulous weekend!

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