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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Hello my friends! How cool is this nostalgic Coca Cola box!?  We had a long weekend trip recently to Delaware's Rohobeth beach and came across two great stores with fun items like this one.  This first store is right off Kings Highway on Monroe Avenue,  in the town of Lewes. It's called The Old Screen Door and it's now my favorite shop down there. It's inspired me to start a monthly 'Shop-hoppin' post about interesting stores that I find in my travels. The Old Screen Door has some great furniture, but what really caught my eye were the many collectable items that are so well priced. (FYI, they ship anywhere! 302 827 2149). Below each Old Screen Door  item,  I put some fun inspirational magazine photos for you!
This photo, courtesy of Alexandro Baackes shows us how much fun you can have using a vintage coke box--this one was used as a serving tray for an outdoor wedding! Those (glass) coke bottles are available in certain grocery stores to complete the look!
The Old Screen Door has plenty of bowls, trays, serving platters, etc to choose from.
 Country Living magazine photos above and below show just how beautifully you can display those  bowls or plates!

The store also has a lot of these vintage signs and posters. Here's one that caught my eye.
They can add so much character to any room...

 This item is pretty hot right now, and you'll see it in a lot of decor mags like the photo below.

Wow, my grandmother had a sewing machine just like this one. This comes with a wood carrying case. It's no laptop, but I guess even back then people carried their work around.
 This typewriter is adorable. These are not so easy to find, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the shop owner had one.   

And see how pretty an old typewriter can look?!...classic!
The store has quite a few of these old crates. Perfect for any kind of storage.
 Country Living Magazine shows creative ways that you can use those crates.

 A scale is a great way to display fruit or veggies in the kitchen--and this one actually works! We put a feather on this food scale and it moved! Now, that's one accurate scale!
Reproductions of these old rotary phones are all over the place, but when I felt the weight of the handle, I knew this one was the real deal. I got a kick out of dialing and imagined I was in a Carey Grant movie or an 'I Love Lucy' episode..."Hello, Ethel?!"
The old rotary phones are oh-so-chic. This yellow phone is a later model.               
Inside The Old Screen Door.

This next great shop is The Cottage and it's on one of the cutest street in Lewes. I love the way the owner displays her products. The whole place is so charming, every inch of it has a beautiful item to look at! (302 344 9964)

Photo credits: Country Living, House Beautiful, Me, Alamode

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