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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Berry nice


I can't wait to go berry picking this year. Growing up, my older sister and I would go with the next door neighbor and his father to pick blackberries at a farm nearby.  We'd pick (and eat them) all day long and drive home in the back bed section of his father's old, red pickup truck where we'd, of course, eat more of our pickings. We'd go over a bump and lift-off at least a foot in the air and hang on to the chunk of metal that was the edge of the truck rail, laughing as we'd plummet back down to earth. Our lips, tongues and fingers were covered in deep reds from the berry juice...and why I'm partial to that shade of lipstick today.We'd all sit on our porch at night and eat what was left of the blackberries. And then we'd catch fireflies with our berry-dyed fingers. I'm really looking forward to picking...gotta find a pickup truck though. (With seat belts). If you're nearby, go for Loch ness blackberries at the Berry Farm in Colts Neck, NJ. (Season ends in two weeks) Or google for a farm near you.  These berry-inspired photos are pretty delicious too.

Ikat pillow-Etsy

And...Halle Berry perfume!

Credits: Etsy pillow, Designseeds, Country Living, Nars, via Dreamanddress, Gap, Allison Paladrino Designs, House Beautiful, Petdogonline

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