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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stained glass

Whether it's stained, clear, frosted or patterned, install it in any window and this glass makes a statement. I enjoy the full out elaborate and colorful designs as well as the windows with just a hint of color. It definitely makes these rooms sparkle. And if you're on a budget you can buy a kit and do it yourself! I even saw the fake glass kits in arts and crafts stores, so there's no excuse not to jazz up a window and make any room special.

From the kit...

Credits:, Homes and Gardens, The Shoot, House Beautiful. (Some photos are unknown so if you recognize the source, let me know!)


The Buzz Blog said...

I remember those stained glass kits when my sons were younger and we made pieces that hung in the windows giving an illusion of stained glass when the sun came through... Nothing like the pattern of color projected through these beautiful windows!

cee cee rodriguez said...

thanks Roberta
I have a window that I have been looking for a stained glass piece, but the ones I find are all to "hippy" for me. You given me the idea that doing it myself may be an option

cee cee rodriguez said...

ps. if you rec. any type of stained glass kits , please let me know

Stylelinx said...

Hi Cee see,
These two sites should help:

Have fun!

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