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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I can't seem to pass a swing these days without jumping on. I've always enjoyed them. Unless you count the time in 4th grade when this boy pushed me so high I thought I would wrap around the top pole!  And, btw--we didn't have cushy, padded, rubber playground floors like they have today. (I have the knee and elbow scars to prove it was concrete.)  Under normal circumstances, a swing is exhilarating. So, I'm not surprised to see that people are also installing swings inside their homes. It's a great alternative to my other favs...the rocking and gliding chair. Only swinging is more like a mini-vacation, right? If you close your eyes, you feel like you're floating. 

Credits: Anthropology, Anna-White,, Thisnext,, Sisterswithflair,, Milk Magazine, Homesweethome, Bradfordid,Anna Medvedeva, Living Spaces, Judy Lofland.

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The Buzz Blog said...

I had seen those swinging twin beds and thought them genius - so sad that my boys out grew their swing set since I spent quite a lot of time on it!

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