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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Photo: Veranda
How seductive, yet easy-breezy is a canopy? Years ago, I draped a beautiful piece of lace netting over my bed.  It was the exact width of my queen bed and the length was a bit longer, which made it even more romantic, hanging down over the foot of my bed. I installed it with four tough white thumb-tacs...wish I had pictures of that--just to prove to you that you really don't need a four-poster bed to enjoy a canopy.  It's stored in my fabric box, and I have a feeling I'll be digging that one out of storage soon.  How about you guys?? Don't you think it's incredibly romantic?

Credits: HG Magazine, Mary McDonald, Ralph Lauren, Elle Decor, Casa-Diseno, DaisyPinkCupcake, Stu Bramely

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The Buzz Blog said...

I had a canopy bed as a child and it always made me feel like a princess! Love that you made your own with a pretty piece of lace...

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