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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chinoiserie Motif

Credit: Wedgewood at
What comes to mind when I think of pagodas, parasols, whimsical birds, and blooming branches?? Why, Chinoiserie--what else???  I love its mixture of eastern and western (French) elements of style for decoration and shape. It's actually a French term signifying "Chinese-esque" and since the seventeenth century it has reflected both Chinese artistic and French influences.  It's a bit formal for my taste but add just a hint to most styles and I think it brings it up a notch.
 Place Hotel Patrick Kline 
Kendall Wilkinson

Hand painted wall papers from

Design Elite Interiors
 Gurley Antiques Inc. via 1st Dibs

Judy Frankel Antiques

Porter and Plunk Antiques

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The Buzz Blog said...

We're huge fans of Chinoiserie... give us de Gournay any day! So pretty and ladylike and elegant and timeless!

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