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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gray Palette

  I used to think gray was depressing, dull, downright dingy, but these hues have a  fresh take. I especially love gray cabinets, and against the white tile--it's so crazy chic.

Credit: Jill Brinson's kitchen, Next 7photos: Better Homes and Gardens, David Mann Library, Albert Hadley, Larette, Vincent Wolfe, Sheer dress & trench-Maria Lucian Hohan-Hong Kong.Elle MacPhereson in Bohemian gray via


The Buzz Blog said...

Was just setting up a showroom with silvery gray walls and thought how lovely they would look in our master bedroom... and would love to have gray touches in the kitchen! Hope your day is not so gray, though...

About me said...

Hello I'm a very A+ with gray colors my kitchen is light gray with light blue is very calm and mentally is very good you dont go to the kitchen that often to look what to eat ;-)

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