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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Showing you the ropes

I've been getting tied up lately in all that I have to do. Well, some of it I don't have to do, it's more like, what I'm compelled to do. I've got a few projects that I need to finish and I've just got to prioritize. I'm getting there--I'm hoping to finish by the new year. How about you? What has you tied up these days? Other than the holiday madness, of course!?
Hand knotted rope chair: Marcel Wanders
Clockwise: Dome ring:, Locket with rope cord:, Rope stretch ring from, Beaded rope bracelet from Kenneth Cole at, Rope cuff: Tiffany & Co. available at, Bangle in center is: Vintage Channel from Alcharag

From: Holly Hunt NY

Simplemente Blanco 617-734-3669

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The Buzz Blog said...

I'm tied up in knots as I promised myself I'd finish a needlepoint over the holidays and I'm out of yarn!

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