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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Patterns please!

I have been really busy lately with writing and performing that I feel like I may be neglecting this blog! Thanks for being patient. I took a breath and decided to chill out a bit by reading some magazines when I came across quite a few photos of beautiful patterns. Not sure if it's because I did spring cleaning and changed over my jute area rug in the living room and put back the blue and white striped rug for spring...but whatever it was, I'm def craving some excitement in my decor and a touch of pattern is doin' it for me. Adding a pattern with a pillow, drapery, a stenciled wall, slipcovering a chair, or layering several items with pattern... the possibilities to make a difference in a room (and your state of mind) are endless!
Cutting Edge Stencils via: Isabella and Max rooms
Via: Emily Rudo

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