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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Living with lavender

Hello, my friends! I've been noticing how amazing lavender works with almost any color.  I've been pairing it with blues, greens, grays, salmon, and it just pops! On it's own it's pretty wonderful too. It's soooo soothing and alive at the same time. It's also a perfect color year round. Lovin' it!
 Via: Apartment Therapy
Proof I've been going a little plum-crazy! Above is a Signoria Firenze paisley throw and their thistle pillow cases resting on a plum mohair throw from Yves delorme', Paris.  Email me for discounted prices if you're interested in purchasing.

 Via: Pinterst
Wow factor!
 Shabby Chic

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The Buzz Blog said...

Can smell the lovely scent from here! So pretty.

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