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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wall-of-wood headboards

Via: BH&G
Here's a way to re-think a headboard by using a wall of wood instead of your typical bed. Whether it's wood over an existing wall or a hinged screen made of wood, it's a great alternative and a space saver.  And, as some of you know, I'm all about saving space since our move to the city! The photo below shows a free-standing wood wall divider and on the other side are doors so it's actually a closet as well.  So clever, so chic...
 Via: BH&G
 Via: BH&G
Via: Remodelista
Or just nail panels of beach wood directly to the wall and paint on a message like this one... love it!

 Via: Remodelista
Designer: Erin Martin Via: Remodelista 
Via: Fiji lodge in Australia

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The Buzz Blog said...

VEry cool - I've seen large leather headboards but this is a first. Happy weekend!

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