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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Green Living...

Go Green-go green-Go green -go green

Easy Living Magazine
I'm so loving green these days. Today I'm not talking about eco-living, you can see that topic in previous posts...I'm talking about the color green.. In furniture and in fashion and most of all in nature. Can't get enough. The other day we went to the park and I just sprawled out on the grass. Could've done angels, like I do in the snow but a) I thought that might look a bit odd...and b) mostly because as much as I love green, I didn't want grass stains. I've recently added three new green plants and one palm tree to the apartment and it's amazing what a pick-me-up that simple addition made. (I really hope they last this time.)  
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Louis Vuitton

Major chair from:

The Hamptons. Photo by me.
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The high-line NYC
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