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Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Blush...

StyleLinx is loving blush....!

Going mad for the color blush this week. Maybe because I'm packing for a trip to Cali and adding this Vince silk top to my (very) short list of what I'll be taking. Or...maybe I'm lovin' on this hue cuz it reminds me of spring and summer and I'm clinging to every day (rain or shine or yep--even frizz-humid days).
Vince silk top available at Bergdorf Goodman
 Available at Urban Outfitters
Available at Urban Outfitters
Via: Pinkwallpaper
Found this lipstick called Chubby sticks at Clinique was this week actually, during my love-fest for the color blush...and I've gotta say, when I fixate on something I go full out. Went mad for the color called heaping hazelnut, a blush/nude that looks great on any skin tone!


John said...

My bedroom ceiling is BLUSH with cream walls and white crown molding and I love it!!!

Stylelinx said...

Sounds dreamy! I love when the ceiling is painted something other than white! Good for you that you thought outside the box!

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