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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Interior design blogs

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Happy Sunday!! It's not often I tell you how much I love design blogging and how much I appreciate you reading my posts.  I'm getting ready to leave for a short business trip to Los Angeles and I just wanted to give all my friends (you) a heads-up that I may be a little slow in getting posts out...So, to fill in the gap, I thought I'd mention a few of my favorite blogs. so you can pop over to their site for when you go through style-withdrawal. (Uh-yeah, it's a made-up word, but the syndrome does exists!)

Here's my short list of fun blogs. There's soooo many more that I love, but this should tide you over!

  1. The Buzz Blog
  2. The Zhush
  3. Absolutely Beautiful Things
  4. Coco and Kelly
  5. My Notting Hill
I'll try to send a few posts next week, but in case I don't--I gotcha covered! 



Chesterfield Sofa Leather said...

actually i was looking for same kind of blogs. these are really very helpful for the people who want to decorate,design their homes even if they are on the budget..

Arun said...

Great list!

stone supplier said...

Fantastic! love the list of blogs mentioned.Also would love to hear from you more on Interior Design blogs.

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