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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I got benched!

I gOT  bENchEd!
So, here's the thing...I'm in love with benches and banquets. And, I know it'd be the best thing for our dining "area". And, I use the word "area" in quotes because that's code for we have a dining table in our living room. 

Problem is, as much as I love their beauty, it's their function that I'm battling with. If you have a tight corner space, like muah, and you have guests over, somebody's gettin' stuck back there, and if that guest has to get up, everybody has to get up. 

So, it's a conundrum.  (Btw, I love the word conundrum).

So, what do you think? Do it ? Don't do it ?? Here are some beauties. They're sooo cute. 
via: Bellisimoandbella
 Via: HGTV
 Via: Nicespace.met

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The Buzz Blog said...

Dreaming of a long farmhouse table and a bench for the dining room... And we spy a little primrose plant in that last image that's ours!
C + C

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