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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lavender groove

The nail file
I was watching one of my fav late night talk shows, Chelsea Lately, and noticed the lavender nail polish on Chelsea's nails. Maybe I've been so busy that I'm out of the loop, but I haven't seen anyone else wearing that color. And, I surprised myself because I normally wouldn't go for that nail color but it look so pretty, so feminine... 
 Via: 4inspire design
 Let me also say that I really don't know why I'm still on this ultra fem kick (see recent posts), I mean, fall is here and I usually transition to men's wear in the cooler months...(stay tuned for that men's-wear-for-women-post soon). And how great would that nail color look with a navy pinstripe--wow. So, anyway, I thought Chelsea's nails looked really chic. How about it?  Would you wear this nail color? And is there an age cut-off to wear non-typical nail color? I personally don't think so. I think it would be amazingly radical if I saw my grandmother rockin' lavender nails! 
Bottega Venetta fall 2012
So, how do you weigh in? And, while we're at it,  do you like that color in your home? I have seen a lot of it lately, in fact, every shade of purple in decor and I'm loving it.
 Via: Pinterest
Downsize my space
Via: Pinterest
The purple house by Amurphy 

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The Buzz Blog said...

We always associate this color with spring but think it would be a great accent with chocolate brown for the fall.
C + C

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