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Monday, December 8, 2014

Oh Autumn…yeah, I know it's December but….

...I just couldn't get enough of fall this year. I'm not complaining…here in NYC some days it still feels like fall. In fact, there are still colorful leaves around the tri-state. Well, there was as of last weekend anyway!

Yep, I know. This post is long overdue. But, if you knew how busy I was with my projects you wouldn't blame me.

But, I do miss posting for you…does that make up for it?

Okay, this is going back to when we had a beautiful autumn day  visiting friends at a farm near Dobbs Ferry right before Thanksgiving.

You can just smell the brisk air, the wood in the fireplace and roasted chestnuts from the photos...can't ya? Glorious day...

And here are some cozy outfits that I've been wearing and will be... throughout the winter. Now, pass me the cinnamon tea.

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