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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My simple as black & white

wOw!! I love a black and white bathroom!!
Here's a project I did a few years back--back when I wasn't doing stand up and writing...anyway it still feels fresh to me so I thought I'd post it. This is the main bathroom in the front house down the shore.  I never get tired of this look. 
The crackled mirrors are from Crate and Barrel, the blue garden stool is from Home Goods, sinks are from Home Depot and the faucets from I installed the black and white floor tiles myself and also hand stenciled the flower wall border. I painted the outside of the claw foot tub black and you can't see the feet, but I painted them silver.  

Yeah, like I said--I had a lot of free time back then:) Someday I'll have the walls tiled. I already know what I want...white subway tiles with black grout...but, I'll definitely hire someone for that and to paint. I'm considering having the door painted black! What do you think?? See my inspiration in a couple of photos below.

There's something timeless and fresh about it.  And, it always feels "clean".  Below are some of my favorites. Check 'em out!
Photo: Elle Decor
That's my favorite sink!
You can never go wrong with checkerboard. It's a classic.
These are the most spectacular shower doors I've ever seen!

Love the floor.

This floor tile is stunning.

First photo is from Elle Decor, the rest unless otherwise specified are from Pinterest

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