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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Winter living! Mwah!

Hey there! Now that we're smack-dab in the middle of winter I'm enjoying cozy decor.  Whether it's in blogs or magazines or my own home--I'm down.  To warm up the winter in this cold hard city I put my faux fur throws, wool throws and cashmere blankets draped on the sofa, lounge chairs and the bed. I added more candles in the fireplace too--they're great anytime of year but there's something so sexy and chic when the temp drops.

Especially in a snow storm like the one we just had about a week ago.  A good deal of snow has melted yet there's still enough at the curbs to remind us how beautiful it once was... for like--just two days, but still... it was beautiful.  The night of the storm was the best.  I walked down the middle of Fifth Avenue with not a car in sight and made snow angels in Bryant Park with friends--the city looked magical. 

I gotta say I'm really enjoying winter this year--which is surprising because winter is my least favorite season.  I'm loving it.  Go figure. 

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