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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Winter wonderland...?

Mmmm. Winter coziness. Who doesn't want cozy?
Hey I do. I do!
Especially now with me two weeks into having the flu. (Sniffle-sniffle. Cough-cough. Scream. Yell. Throw things. Punch a pillow. ) I'm just freaking out that I'm missing winter.
Yeah. That's right. I wanna enjoy the chill in the air, the fireplace crackling, hot tea, a cashmere blanket and a good movie or book without a tissue box and a fever. 
Hard to do because it's 60 degrees this weekend. Bleh.

I want another snow storm so I can catch snow flakes on my tongue!
Hold on a sec... maybe that's how I got the flu...nah. 

Sure I can't wait for spring.  But, now that I'm starting to feel better I just want a few more weeks of winter and all it's glorious-ness.

And now I'll stop whining.

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