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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Art in the loo

I was lucky enough to stay at a good friend's place in LA. The fact that it was beautiful was an extra bonus! Check out the photo above of one of her bathrooms with the plum/cream Madeline Weinrib area rug we found! (I helped her decorate). My friend is an amazing artist and was the inspiration for this post since she has some fabulous art, not only throughout her home, but most intriguingly, in her bathroom!  I have art on my bathroom walls too, but the wall of art she created has such a wow factor.
OK...see what I mean? Art in her spa tub area too! Lovely! She'll be selling her art on a retail level soon and when she does, I'll have her contact info for you!
 Here are some other inspiring photos of art in the loo!

Photos: Pinterest

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