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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Flower arrangments

While staying at a friend's place in LA, she bought cut flowers and I got the task of arranging them.  After my (successful!) meetings, it was a great way to change things up and relax...Yep, that's how I relax my friends. Some people like a glass of wine while I chill by arranging flowers. OK, wine was involved in dinner that night too, but I swear arranging flowers does the trick too, in case you're out of vino!  Here's the final product along with some other pretty arrangements I found on pinterest.

 I always love when fruit is involved in an arrangement. So fresh...
 Clever twig vase
Doily wrap, love it!
 Simple is always a fav
That box is a keeper after the flowers are long gone!

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The Buzz Blog said...

Who knew you were a girl of many talents! If the LA thing doesn't work out, we'll hire you... Happy September, Roberta!
C + C

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