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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Worn, old, and beautiful

o  R  n     o    u   t a good way:)

When something is worn to perfection like this it just feels (and looks) right. I climb into these even if the dress code says no.  C'mon, they just scream rebel.

Worn wood island charms up this kitchen

Worn to perfection floors give the shiny mod chairs charm

How cool is that painted worn door? Or cabinet below?

Ahhh. These wood floors have my heart.

Old cobblestone

reclaimed brick

I always wanted to live in a renovated barn and keep the outside looking like this.

My fav jeans

Makes me want to add more books to my space

Great outfit.

I want this to be my bedroom door

Beautiful brick home that I hope nobody paints!

This is the kind of leather sofa that makes me want to curl up and stay home.

Nothing cooler than a worn leather jacket

I have to have these floors in my life

Photos: pinterest

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